Dealer Profile

Dealer Profile

SOUND TEC Corporation

Hiroaki Miyake, CEO


How long have you been in business?
SOUND TEC was established over 40 years ago on July 25th, 1981.

How many locations do you have?
We have one store in Hofu City, Japan that features eight product showrooms spread throughout the two-story building.

How did SOUND TEC get its start?
SOUND TEC was founded after the current chairman left SONY. The location was originally a Sony Store that included Home Appliances and Car Audio.

How many people are on your team?
There are nine people including the CEO, Chairman (Founder, CEO’s father), a Floor manager, an Electronics product manager, a Music software producer, an accounting person, an assistant director and two assistants.

Thoughts on the importance of training?
First of all, each staff member is encouraged to own an audio system at home, and I believe it is very important to enjoy it as a private hobby.

“What one likes, one will do well.”

Since most people have different hobbies, we feel that the most persuasive thing is that we experience and enjoy the products ourselves. That way it will naturally become like training at home or in the store.

This way we are sharing knowledge and techniques, which each staff member learned from their own individual interests and characteristics. They can then take that knowledge and apply it to delivering the best service to our customers.

In addition, we are always improving our skills and sensibilities while keeping up with the latest technologies. We do this by constantly touching and trying the products and listening to playback. It is also helpful to hear of the new product promotion directly by the manufacturers or by attending listening events.

What do you like most about HARMAN Luxury Audio products and which lines do you feature?
I like the EVEREST DD67000 series the most.

It has been the reigning flagship product in our store for a long time. Because there is nothing else like the excitement we get when you hear the 15” double woofer sound at its fullest.

How do you think the luxury audio industry is currently doing?
A) We are facing a lot of difficulties that includes price increases, demand decreasing for Hi-Fi audio products, and changes of customers music listening style from Hi-Fi components to headphones.

It seems that the luxury audio market may be struggling a bit.

But I strongly believe if more customers know how to enjoy the audio, this value would be hard to replace. So, we will absolutely do our best to deliver these experiences at our store and provide enlightenment activities through SNS and YOUTUBE.

This year, we plan to hold some events which will target those interested in Hi-Fi Listening at our lounge in the store.

What is SOUND TEC’s mission?
Creating a SOUND TEC community.

We will increase opportunities to provide our services by valuable connections with our customers and local communities and increase the number of people who love SOUND TEC (SOUND TEC FREAK). Through this we can build lifelong relationships with the people involved and create a SOUND TEC COMMUNITY that gathers people who love SOUND TEC.

You have the floor. Anything else you want to share with us about SOUND TEC that you would like the world to know?
By displaying and demonstrating our products, we are also able to offer and deliver various proposals and implementations, such as the dedicated power supply, original designed sound stage (for system installation), room acoustics characteristic adjustment and interior designing, etc. We can deliver a customized proposal to our customers that takes into consideration how to seamlessly incorporate an exceptional audio and visual experience into their lifestyle.

We are proud that such experiences are possible in each space of our store. And we are proud of our knowledgeable and friendly staff that work together so well as a team.

We hope that customers will appreciate the great communication from our staff and feel right at home in our showroom.