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Training Tips

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Kevin Kent, Global Field Technical Trainer

Kevin Kent

If one has bought HARMAN Luxury Audio products, the best sound quality will matter. High-resolution audio, along with a high-performance audio playback system, places the listener as close to the artist’s original performance as possible. An audio system is only as good as its weakest link, and Hi-Res audio ensures your system will achieve its maximum performance. As the quality and quantity of Hi-Res content grows, it will provide more opportunities to maximize the performance of every high-end audio system.

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In this lesson, we not only define what Hi-Res audio is, but where you can conveniently stream it. There are many streaming services that deliver audio content effortlessly and efficiently, but what about the quality of the stream? We examine the various Hi-Res audio streaming services and their distinct differences. Our goal is to help you discover access to a high-resolution source to ensure the best sound performance from your audio gear.

HARMAN has world-class products available for the home, from some of the finest audio brands on the planet. These products should always be demonstrated and enjoyed using the best source material. Hi-Res streaming provides fantastic content, and even curated playlists, making it easy for any system to sound its best. This lesson was developed in partnership with the folks at Qobuz, a leading provider of a Hi-Res audio streaming available in 18 countries around the world and counting. We are excited to announce that upon completion of this module and passing the quiz, you will receive a free 12-month subscription to Qobuz's Hi-Res audio streaming service.