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Training Tips

Training Tips

HARMAN University Continues to Evolve and Raise the Bar for Training

by Dave Tovissi
Vice President and General Manager
HARMAN Luxury Audio

Dave Tovissi VP & GM - Luxury Audio

Last month we celebrated the career of Chris Robinson, who recently retired from his role as Global Training Manager for Luxury Audio. Chris accomplished a lot during his tenure at HARMAN. One of his most important accomplishments was the creation of HARMAN Luxury Audio University. This web-based training platform was created to support our new product launches. However, the platform also served as a foundation of education for our existing products and services as well. We now have over sixty trainings available on our Learning Management Site (LMS) and a lot more are planned for CY22.

Prior to Chris’s last day, he helped develop a structure for our Global Product Line Managers (GPLMs) to continue producing world-class training content for our internal and external partners. It was a natural evolution for developing content since our GPLMs are the ones tasked with researching the business case for introducing new products and developing the sales assets to insure a successful launch. They know their products better than anyone else in the organization, so it only makes sense that they help develop the training for their products, as well.

Each GPLM is responsible for a distinct set of products. Their product responsibilities can be from any of our iconic brands. However, each GPLM has been assigned Core Product Responsibilities. We assign NPIS to GPLMs based on their current and future workload. In the coming months, each GPLM will update our readers on the training content they are developing and will be your resources for creating additional training on other topics that you feel would be beneficial for growing your business. If you have an idea for any future product or services training, please send them an email so we can put your ideas into the queue for development.

If you did not know who our GPLMs are, allow me to introduce them to you. They are instrumental to our product roadmap development and sell-through of our assortment.

Matt Dever
Mark Levinson, JBL Summit, JBL Active Loudspeakers

Kevin Kent
JBL Synthesis, JBL Distributed Audio Products

James Todd
ARCAM & JBL Classic AVR, Hi-Fi and Lifestyle Products

Dave Wright
Revel, JBL Classic, JBL Studio/Stage Loudspeakers