Training Tips

Training Tips

Training Tips November 2023

By James Todd, Global Product Line Manager

Kevin Kent

ARCAM Radia Training

On October 3rd we launched the award winning ARCAM Radia range with a new look for the ARCAM brand. But Radia is much more than a skin-deep facelift.

Radia is the result of an introspective look at the brand, and an outward look at what the brand could be for our customers and potential customers. It is the result of an investment in the people who create ARCAM products, decades of experience and talent are augmented with new skills and fresh ideas. Radia is the results of talented people across multiple disciplines coming together, each bringing their key skills and knowledge to design, create and highlight the ARCAM Radia series.

With all that in mind, we have 2 new training modules coming soon to the Harman Luxury University:

1st, a review at the products with a focus on features and benefits.

2nd, a look at the ARCAM brand, with a focus on what Radia means for ARCAM, and who Radia is for.


Both of these informative modules will be available on before the end of the year. Check them out!

Learn more about the JBL Spinner BT now!

In the meantime, please look out for the module about our best-selling product for this seasonal quarter, the JBL Spinner BT. This training will help you understand all the features and benefits, whilst identifying all the use cases and customers who will enjoy it. Check it out here: