Training Tips

Training Tips

Training Module Updates May 2023

By Matt Dever, Global Product Line Manager

Kevin Kent

At the High End International Audio Show held in Munich, Germany – May 9th through the 12th - HARMAN Luxury Audio officially introduced the world to the updated Mark II editions of the iconic L100 and L82 Classic loudspeakers. The new JBL L100 Classic MkII and JBL L82 Classic MkII have been enhanced with JBL’s Performance Package as first introduced on the Black Edition versions of both models in 2022.

As Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning was recently quoted as saying “The acoustic performance of our popular Classic Series loudspeakers is the stuff of legend, but legends aren’t born by resting on their success – they continue to evolve.”

And evolving is certainly what these deliver on. The Performance Package included in the L82 Classic MkII and L100 Classic MkII includes upgraded driver designs, new crossover board layouts and components, and a new terminal cup that incorporates dual set of gold-plated inputs for use in bi-wiring / bi-amping applications.

These improvements take the already award-winning sound of these models to the next level for the ultimate listening experience. This training module will take you on a deeper dive through the evolutionary updates of both models in greater detail.

If you are already enrolled in HARMAN University, look for an email announcement in June when the course is released. If you have not enrolled, take a moment and enroll by clicking here. You will find a wealth of great product information on the products offered by HARMAN Luxury Audio.

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