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Global Events Highlight Luxury Products

We kicked off 2023 with a very successful HARMAN Explore event in January and the momentum continued into February with Audio Festa in Nagoya, Japan and the Bristol Hi-Fi Show in the United Kingdom. Both of these shows returned to in-person events after a two-year hiatus. Check out our recap of these two events.

Audio Festa 2023 in Nagoya

The 38th Audio Festa took place in Nagoya, Japan on February 17 – 19th with over 2,300 visitors throughout the three days.

The Luxury Audio room, hosted by our team in Japan, was the largest at the show and was always filled with lots of visitors who were treated to a superb audio experience with our Flagship demo system that included the Mark Levinson ML-50 and JBL Everest DD67000 and K2S9900.

There was also a large selection of JBL loudspeakers on display that garnered strong positive reaction to the 4305P, L75ms, and Classic Black Edition – especially from younger customers and couples.

Additional displays and demonstrations included ARCAM electronics plus JBL loudspeakers including the debut of the Classic Black Edition and the L10cs Classic Subwoofer. Overall, the show was a great success and we received a very positive response to the design and performance of all of the products we featured.

The Bristol HiFi Show

The Bristol Hi-Fi Show, now in its 34th year, took place on February 24 – 26th in Bristol, England and was very well attended over the three days of public demonstrations. JBL Electronics took up a prime location in the lobby of the Marriot Hotel, right between the public and press/trade entrances.

The JBL Classic Electronics were on display including the JBL SA750, JBL SA550, JBL MP350, JBL CD350 and JBL TT350 along with the JBL L82 Classic Loudspeakers. Also on display was the JBL 4305P, JBL 4329P and L100 Classic Black Edition.

The feedback we received from the general public was incredibly positive and encouraging. Attendees appreciated the unique design of the electronics and particularly the opportunity to add modern streaming features to existing 1970's and 1980's design with the JBL MP350. The sight of the JBL L100 Classic Black Edition left attendees speechless! Dean Little, from our EMEA Luxury audio team, also demonstrated a multi-channel theatre consisting of the ARCAM AVR31 with an ARCAM PA410 power amplifier driving the height speakers. The main speakers were all JBL Studio 6 series, with JBL Studio 698 speakers front left and right, JBL Studio 665C center speaker, and JBL Studio 630 speakers for side and rear channel duties. A pair of JBL Studio 660P 12" subwoofers worked the low frequencies in the room with JBL Stage XD speakers mounted to overhead trusses for height channels. The results of this system and all of the products demonstrated at the show produced a dynamic and compelling surround sound experience that absolutely thrilled the attendees.