Training Tips

Training Tips

Increase Your Awareness This Spring

By James Todd, Senior Global Product Line Manager

Kevin Kent
Class G Simply Told

Coming in April is our new feature on Class G amplification. If you have no idea what that means, this module is for you!

Class G is a type of amplification that we use in many of our premium amplifiers. We use it for three simple reasons:
• It sounds better.
• It is efficient.
• It works with all loudspeakers, be they:
o Large
o Small
o Efficient
o or Complex.

Class G is clearly the best blend of performance and efficiency, so why isn’t it the most popular amplifier Class in the industry? In this training you will learn about the challenges and benefits of Class G technology compared to other amplifier class types. We will also offer some tips and techniques to help you clearly communication the benefits for a customer to appreciate.

JBL Synthesis SDA-7120 Class G Power Amplifier

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