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Training Tips

Training Module Updates October 2022

Kevin Kent, Global Product Line Manager

Kevin Kent
High Frequency Technology – Direct Radiators – Coming Early November 2022

The second of a two-part series, this training describes another method of reproducing high frequencies in loudspeaker systems. Direct radiating devices, such as dome tweeters, offer a range of benefits but also inherent challenges. HARMAN has refined this technology over decades, resulting in tried-and-true designs loaded with innovative technology both inside and out allowing them to be economical to produce, while delivering a smooth response with reliable dispersion. In this lesson, you will learn about the pros and cons of different diaphragm and motor materials, and how acoustic lenses and waveguides can even dispersion of high frequencies, increase dynamics, and reduce diffraction and distortion.

“High Frequency Technology – Direct Radiators” will be released in early November 2022.

Multiple Subwoofers – Maximizing Low Frequency Response - Coming November 2022

While everyone’s preferences in genres, volume and even timbre of sound can differ, there is a common aspect of sound that we ALL universally tend to desire, the presence of distinct and noticeable bass. In fact, studies show that appreciation of adequate bass performance is held by nearly all listeners (regardless of being an industry expert or not). However, one of the most problematic areas is how to deliver similarly good bass to all listeners. So, why is obtaining satisfactory bass performance such a daunting task? In this lesson, we address the challenges and, most importantly, a solution. We hope the concepts and measures we’ve introduced throughout this lesson will aid you in providing your clients the best audio experience possible from their system.

“Multiple Subwoofers – Maximizing Low Frequency Response” will be released in November 2022.


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