From the Audio Files

From the Audio Files

What HiFi India and Stuff website review of ARCAM AVR30

The ARCAM AVR30 was featured on the cover of What HiFi India with the caption; ‘Arcam AVR30 could be the best AVR EVER!’. The StuffIndia website also featured a 5-Star Review of the product with glowing comments including:

‘The AVR30 excelled at transients and imaging, qualities that help elevate a movie-watching experience from great to truly immersive.’

‘The Arcam AVR30 is peerless when it comes to a truly dynamic, clean and articulate home-theatre experience.’

‘If you value your time in your home-theatre, do yourself a favor and listen to the Arcam AVR30 before any other AVR.’

See the full review here.

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