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HARMAN Facility Tour Showcases R&D Excellence

By David Glaubke
Director, Global Corporate Communications
HARMAN Luxury Audio

David Glaubke

At HARMAN Luxury Audio Group we draw our excellence from legacy, science and people.

There is no better place in the world to see how these elements come together to produce unparalleled audio products than at HARMAN’s Global Center of Acoustic Excellence in Northridge, California – where some of the finest of audio engineers in the world conduct research and development for future JBL, Revel and Mark Levinson products.

Mark Levinson N05105

In a lead up to our exhibition at CEDIA where the industry will be able to hear many of these latest products, we hosted special guests at the facility which has been at the heart of HARMAN’s world-class audio development since Dr. Sidney Harman cut the ribbon nearly 50 years ago.

Mark Levinson ML-50

Through lab tours, listening sessions and engineer discussions, our guests were able to see and hear firsthand how HARMAN Luxury’s science-based approach to design is derived from a legacy in sound development resulting in proprietary and patented technologies that have powered sound on stages and in living rooms, recording studios, and cinemas for the past nine decades.

JBL 4305P Studio Monitor

One guest is quoted as saying, “perhaps the biggest takeaway and the greatest impact was the people. The audio industry is a passionate one. And these products are the result of a team’s dedication. We noted the camaraderie and the pride each and every HARMAN employee has in the luxury brand products. That pride is expressed in the performance.”