Training Tips

Training Tips

The HARMAN e-Learning Difference

Dave Chace, Cogent360

Kevin Kent

For years, HARMAN has been committed to delivering training programs and resources that clearly stand out from other brands in the industry. The e-Learning program is a perfect example of how HARMAN is dedicated to raising the bar when it comes to educating their dealers.

Unlike numerous other online training programs, often comprised of static slides loaded with countless bullet points and product details, or “talking head” videos that ramble on endlessly, HARMAN’s e-Learning is clearly different — providing visually compelling, interactive and enjoyable content that’s easy to comprehend and digest.

The program, developed by Cogent360 — a training and media design firm specializing in the AV industry — is rooted in the science of instructional design; meaning the focus is on presenting information in the most compelling manner, so the learning experience is both engaging and effective. Instead of endless bullet points, HARMAN e-Learning is loaded with graphics, animation, interactive elements, and professional narration to make the experience more absorbing. Additionally, the training modules are typically less than 10 minutes, so topics can be digested quickly and easily.

The online training program is great way to get up to speed efficiently on a broad array of HARMAN Luxury products, so you can clearly communicate their value and differentiation to your customers. As any successful HARMAN Luxury dealer will tell you, understanding the product is critical, and dramatically impacts your success in presenting and selling HARMAN brands.

All HARMAN e-Learning content is available 24/7 on HARMAN University (also developed by Cogent360), so it’s readily accessible. New content is posted on a continual basis, so it’s worthwhile to check out the University regularly, and experience the HARMAN e-Learning difference for yourself!

As always you may access all the training courses by clicking here.
Once you sign in, if these courses are not populated on your home page, click “Go to Courses” to sign up. Stay tuned next month as more training becomes available.