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Global Events Shine the Spotlight on HARMAN Luxury Audio Products

By Tina Leitz
Senior Marketing Manager
Global Centralized Brands

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2022 has proven that trade shows are back with healthy attendance. With CEDIA and CES around the corner, the predictions are that this trend will continue. Smaller and more specialized industry events are also proving to be highly effective in getting your company message and objectives communicated to the right audience. This month we have two examples of highly successful Luxury Audio sponsored events that took place in Singapore and Argentina.

JBL Sound Gallery Event in Singapore
The APAC HARMAN team in Singapore hosted an event on July 27th at the JBL Sound Gallery @ T-Space with the primary aim of introducing JBL’s range of luxury audio offerings for the first time to key information gatekeepers. The event was organized as an exclusive one-day event for media and influencers. The key product ranges on showcase were: 1. The JBL Synthesis 2. The JBL Classic Loudspeakers 3. The JBL Studio Monitors. Our objective was to highlight JBL’s rich legacy in professional sound and how it has translated to its range of luxury consumer audio, including our home theatre system. It was also a key objective to reach out to a new segment of affluent and discerning consumers.

The event offered a small-group session format for an intimate experience, with guests arriving from 10am, 1pm and 4pm. Our guests for the day included key tech media in Singapore, such as Hardwarezone and Tech360, as well as top-tier social, home and lifestyle media such as Singapore Tatler Homes, SquareRooms and Her World Singapore. The event also included personalities and engaged influencers, such as prominent actress and host Cynthia Koh alongside top tier lifestyle influencers, including Melissa Koh, Nellie Lim, Cheryl Wee and 987 Radio DJ, Kimberly Wan.

Lou Schreurs headshot
Lou Schreurs headshot

With the final objective of creating a luxurious and immersive event experience for our guests, we tailored the event to enable our guests to truly live the JBL luxury lifestyle from start to finish. The immersive program included the following activities:

• Chauffeur Experience
• Welcome Cocktail: DIY Cocktail Fringe Activity
• Introduction of JBL Synthesis in Home Theatre Room
• Introduction of JBL Classic Loudspeakers and Studio Monitors Range
• Q&A, Private Demonstrations, Photo-taking

The event was a smash success and garnered fantastic media coverage and exposure in several high-profile outlets as well as multiple influencer postings. Congrats to the entire APAC Luxury Team for putting on such a successful event.

Mark Levinson Workshop and Customer Experience in Argentina
On August 10th and 11th, HARMAN Luxury Audio in Argentina joined with distributor Ateka to hold a special Mark Levinson Workshop and Event in Buenos Aires. The event was held at the Lexus Takumi Showroom and guests included Lexus customers, representatives from Ateka and HARMAN Luxury guests.

On the first day of the event, the concept was to “Enjoy a new way of listening” and was designed for our dealers. The room was prepared for dealers to have an in depth workshop on JBL, ARCAM and Mark Levinson products.

The second day was more of an immersive experience for Lexus customers and other guests where they were able to demo products in five different rooms. The Mark Levinson Room has a permanent place in the Lexus Takumi store where visitors can listen to a Mark Levinson audio system. The Headphone Experience treated guests to the brand’s first headphone model in two ways: pairing the product to their own device or trying out the racing simulator to feel the complete sound immersion. The Lexus Experience featured a demo of the Mark Levinson multi-channel audio system inside the NS350 Lexus. Finally, the last two rooms featured complete JBL and Mark Levinson audio systems for the guests to experience.

The goal of this two-day event was to increase Mark Levinson / HARMAN Luxury brand awareness to Lexus clients and show them the value brought by Mark Levinson in their cars and in their homes. We were also able to educate HARMAN Luxury dealers on the latest technological advantages on our current and upcoming line of products. We feel very confident that we achieved these goals and produced a very successful event!

Alvaro Tuzman from Ateka had these comments to say about the event and the great support from the HARMAN Luxury Team…

“HARMAN support made all the difference. Starting from the conception of the events to the actual execution. We started working with Guilherme Oliveira and Silvio Junior from the Sao Paulo office. Then the rest of the team joined and we managed to have weekly preparation meetings.

“The presence of the HARMAN Team impressed everybody. It gave strong and clear messages: HARMAN commitment to the lines, to our market, and to our company. We could not be more grateful.

“The HARMAN Team was very professional, and its contribution to both the content of the events, as well as the form, the details about corporate guidelines and identity was vital.”