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Dirac Live and Class G Amplification

Kevin Kent, Global Product Line Manager

Kevin Kent

We have two informative new trainings to announce this month:

Selling the Benefits of Dirac Live
On of the biggest complaints you may occasionally hear from customers is how their new systems sounds different at home than it did on the sales floor… but why? The truth is, regardless of how good a system is, there is a constant negating factor that traditional systems will always struggle to conquer…the room itself. Dirac Live’s technologies aim to ensure that your customer’s system sounds its best, even when professional installation isn’t an option, resulting in a more-closely tailored audio experience for your customer’s own unique listening space. In this training, you will learn how to describe the benefits of Dirac Live and the effects of room acoustics naturally on the sales floor and into your demo.

“Selling the Benefits of Dirac Live” will be released in early September 2022.

JBL Studio 6

Class G Simply Told
Class G is a type of amplification that we use in many of our "step up" amplifiers. We use it for three simple reasons: It sounds better, it is efficient, and it works with all loudspeakers, whether large, small or anywhere in-between.

Class G is clearly the best blend of performance and efficiency, so why isn’t it the most popular amplifier Class in the industry? In this training you will learn about the challenges and benefits of Class G technology compared to other amplifier class types. We will also offer some tips and techniques to help you create easy-to-hear demonstrations, and clear communication for a customer to appreciate.

“Class G Simply Told” will be released in September 2022.

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