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What's New

Mark Levinson
Brand Campaign

By Chris Epple
Vice President
Consumer Marketing – Americas

Tina Leitz

Introducing our new Mark Levinson ad creative for 2022. These new ads are built from the 2021 “Hear It Here, Only Here” campaign, which drove a 16-point increase in Brand Awareness amongst our Culture Mavens target last year. Culture Mavens live both passionately and purposefully. They desire unique, one-of-a-kind experiences, they strive to be the best at everything they do. The new video and still assets entitled Seeker and Doer focus on two insights of our Culture Mavens: their quest for experiences and their desire to hone their craft. The Seeker enriches their favorite moments, fully experiencing the world around them.  The Doer filters out the world to focus and zone in on their craft.  

Both ads seamlessly integrate the Mark Levinson № 5909 Headphones into the creative. The headphones serve as a source of focus for the Seeker as he sets out to find the perfect moment for his photography session. For the Doer, the headphones are used to find inspiration and fuel her creativity as she seeks to craft a new culinary dish to add to her restaurant’s menu.

The video and still assets are currently live in a media campaign running from March to December and featured across a series of digital and podcast media partners.

We have created a Mark Levinson New Product Asset Collection Portal featuring the Mark Levinson № 5909 Headphones and the ML-50 Mono Amplifier. The campaign video and still campaign assets mentioned above are included in the Mark Levinson № 5909 Headphone Asset Collection. Below is the link to portal where you can access both of these Mark Levinson Asset Collections:

Please note the usage rights below for the video and still campaign assets:
- Digital use only (display, social, website)
- Videos expire: February 9, 2023
- Stills expire: April 25, 2023