ML-50 50th

Training Tips

Training Tips

Mark Levinson ML-50 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Amplifier

Matt Dever
Senior Global Product Line Manager

Kevin Kent

Mark Levinson ML-50, 50th Anniversary Limited-edition Monaural Amplifier Training Going Live This Month!
Since 1972, Mark Levinson has been dedicated to the uncompromising art of sound, with the guiding principle of musical purity above all else. The ML-50 is the ultimate expression of our brand essence and passion for great sound.

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The training will dive into the inspirations of the overall design, which echoes some of the most popular and important models of the Mark Levinson brand’s storied history. You will get a look “under the hood” at the platform that the ML-50 is built upon that offers extremely clean, high power in both Class A and Class A/B delivery, improved symmetry in the Mark Levinson Pure Path signal design, and an improved temperature profile all wrapped in a work of art that showcases the internal components beautifully and elegantly.

The ML-50 is a fully discrete amplifier that will drive virtually any loudspeaker effortlessly for impeccable imaging, musicality and openness. Join us in learning and celebrating 50 years of the power, precision, and purity of Mark Levinson.

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