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Training Tips

Training Tips

JBL Stage Architectural Training

Dave Wright
Senior Global Product Line Manager

Kevin Kent

Releasing the last week of June 2022, a new training will be available for the Stage Architectural series. This training will cover the models available in the series and dive deep into the technologies that make Stage Architectural a low cost, high performing solution for architectural speakers. Look for it on the HARMAN University website.

The Stage Architectural Series was designed to deliver iconic JBL sound that blends into the environment so that the music stands out. All models are crafted to be visually discrete with zero-bezel grilles and easy installation, allowing these speakers to be heard and not seen. Elements including baffles with acoustic smoothing, acoustic lens tweeters, and our patented High-Definition Imaging (HDI™) waveguide which has been incorporated into the design to ensure that the sound is clear and accurate. Eight models are available in various configurations for In-Wall and In-Ceiling installation.

Technology Highlights
• High-Definition Imaging (HDI™) waveguide with optimized geometry for smooth dispersion and low distortion
• Aluminum Dome Tweeters with Acoustic Lens for smooth on and off axis frequency response
• Rigid Baffle design with acoustic smoothing for improved transducer integration
• XL-2 installation system compatible with up to 2” (50mm) thick wall/ceiling material
• Zero-bezel metal grille installs flush to wall or ceiling for clean, inconspicuous appearance

As always you may access all the training courses by clicking here.
Once you sign in, if these courses are not populated on your home page, click “Go to Courses” to sign up. Stay tuned next month as more training becomes available.