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What's New

Global Trade Shows Continue to Show Strong Engagement

In last month’s newsletter we asked the question “How Important Are Trade Shows to Your Business?” We also highlighted a couple of examples of successful and well-attended shows that took place in April and May with the Munich High End Show and Axpona in the U.S. The trend continues this month with overviews of two more shows in India and Japan presented by HARMAN’s Puneet Jankar and Kaz Tsuchiya.

What Hi-Fi Show: May 26–28 in Mumbai, India

By Puneet Jankar
National Sales Manager
HARMAN Luxury Audio India

HARMAN Luxury Audio India team participated in the most anticipated What Hi-Fi Expo 2022 from 26-28th May with a commanding presence on the show floor. Over the years, the What Hi-Fi show has grown into the largest hi-fi show in India and is a key venue for manufacturers to showcase their newest products to a large audiophile audience. As a three-day event, the first and second day were exclusively dedicated for our business partners and systems integrators, where the focus was to create awareness across all Luxury Audio brands.

JBL 4305P Studio Monitor

Our location for this year’s Expo was on the 8th Floor & 12th floor at the Iconic St. Regis, Mumbai. At the heart of the Expo was our JBL HDI range, which won the hearts of every audio enthusiast present at the Expo. The large space gave us plenty of room to display a large selection of products from our JBL Stage, ARCAM and Revel brands. Attendees entering our space were greeted with a display of a wide assortment of JBL Stage loudspeakers including the Stage A170, A100P, A125C &A120P. The idea here was to showcase to our customers that a Luxury Audio setup accompanied by a good sound doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Along with the current Stage line-up we also introduced the Stage 280W and 260C, which will shortly be launched in India.

The showstopper setup from JBL HDI series included HDI3800, HDI3600, HDI4500C, HDI1200P and HDI1600 powered by JBL Synthesis SDA4600 and SDP55. This setup truly delivered a “WOW!” experience to all visitors at the Expo. We also showcased the in-wall SCL2 & SCL3 and Conceal C83 alongside the HDI series to project the versatility of our loudspeaker range.

Towards the right-end of the HARMAN range were our most popular Revel speakers. The setup here included Revel F35, C25, M16, S16 WH, B1/230, B28W, C263, C283, W253L and W283. This setup targeted the prime system integrators from across the country. The wide application of Revel speakers impressed the architects and designers and stirred business discussion with our partners.

OTOTEN 2022: June 11 – 12 in Tokyo, Japan

By Kaz Tsuchiya
Senior Manager, Sales, Luxury Audio
HARMAN International Japan

HARMAN International Japan (HJ) participated in the OTOTEN 2022, which was organized by Japan Audio Society (JAS). Because of the pandemic, it has been three years since the last time this event was held. This year Ototen took place at maximum scale to celebrate the 70th anniversary of JAS. JAS requested HARMAN Japan to exhibit in the largest room available for the OTOTEN 2022 show in order to create the most excitement. We responded to the request and held the largest exhibition and demonstration in history, which included celebrating the 50th anniversary of Mark Levinson.

There were a wide variety of Mark Levinson products that were exhibited and demonstrated including the No5909. In addition, there was a full range of ARCAM products, and all JBL Studio Monitor series and L Classic series including JBL4305P, L75ms. We even unveiled the JBL 4312G Ghost Edition.

All the sound demonstrations were exhibited by utilizing TIDAL streaming and Roon as the media controller. Vinyl was played additionally in JBL Hi-End corner. Over 3,500 visitors joined OTOTEN 2022 and an estimated 1,500 visitors came to the HARMAN Japan booth.

G409 is the biggest room in Tokyo International Forum. The room was divided into three areas: JBL corner, High-End corner, ARCAM and Mark Levinson corner (shown below).

The three photos below show demonstrations for ARCAM streaming with the JBL HDI series, the JBL L Classic series, and the JBL Everest DD67000 with Mark Levinson.