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The Latest Evolution of Dirac Live: A New Auto Target Curve

By Jordan Matthiass
Technical Marketing Manager

James Todd
Global Product Line Manager
HARMAN Luxury Audio

Many of you will already be aware of Dirac Live and the benefits it adds to select ARCAM, JBL and JBL Synthesis units, as well as the end-user benefits it delivers to customers in the form of superior, optimized sound from a powerful yet easy-to-use tool.

Jim Garrett

For those of you less familiar, Dirac Live is a convenient tool for measuring the response of a sound system in a room, and then improving its sound through patented digital signal processing. The impact of the room is then reduced so that the system can be enjoyed with superior clarity and bass. Dirac Live will improve the perceived sound stage and imaging as well as calibrate multiple speakers so that they work together in the room rather than adversely impacting one another.

You can supply the best loudspeakers in the world, but the sound they create will always be imperfect when installed. Every room has its own sound, with individual bass modes that shape how low frequencies sound. Sometimes the bass ends up boomy and dominating, other times it is weak and lacking energy. The impulse response (the ability to start and stop a sound quickly) of the speakers in the room is rarely accurate and affects the overall precision of the system, meaning that in an uncorrected system, certain small details in the sound simply cannot be heard. This further affects the perception of imaging.

There are many features of Dirac Live that help deliver superior sound. In this article, our focus is Dirac Live's newest feature, one that applies to all Dirac Live projects: the Auto Target Curve.

In Dirac Live, the target curve is your instruction to Dirac of what the measured response should be changed to. Dirac will aim to apply DSP processing to change the measured response to that of your target – hence the name!
Mark Levinson N05105

Dirac Live’s classic target curve — with a flat, simplistic tilt.

Mark Levinson ML-50

The new auto target curve — with a lifelike response tuned to your speakers’ individual character.

The new Auto Target Curve more faithfully reflects the inherent character of the measured system, minus the adverse effects of the room. With the Auto Target Curve, a system can be quickly optimized without the user needing to make a single adjustment. Adjusting individual frequencies is not a necessity for getting better sound.

Crucially, Dirac Live’s Auto Target Curve also delivers adjusted bass levels and tonality. Boomy, exaggerated bass, often the result of room gain, will still be removed, but the Auto Target Curve restores power across the low-frequency spectrum for a smoother, tighter bass response. Put simply, the new target curve system removes bass where there’s too much and adds bass where there’s too little to arrive at the best possible performance, tuned for the room.

We’re confident that you will appreciate the adaptive nature of the automatically generated target curves, but Dirac have also made it easier than ever to adjust curves whenever you want. The current target curve design, composed of many individual points of adjustment, can be intimidating. That’s why Dirac have also implemented a simplified custom filter design process, so that users simply drag a sound region up or down to increase or decrease its volume.

You can mix and match auto target curve and classic target curve groups in Dirac Live.

The new auto target curve — with simple broadband bass and treble region adjustment.

Simply pump up the bass or turn down the treble to your liking. For those of you accustomed to fine tuning a system with Dirac Live, the classic target curve designer will remain available, and this will continue to allow the application of the HARMAN Target Curve for all systems that use JBL, JBL Synthesis and Revel loudspeakers, to optimize those speakers with the same target for which they were designed.

The Harman target curve — complete with control points for fine adjustment.

The best part? The Auto Target Curve is available NOW. You can download the latest version here.

Any of the following products with the latest product software will work with the Auto Target Curve:

 - AVR5*
 - AVR11
 - AVR21
 - AVR31
 - AV41
 - AVR10
 - AVR20
 - AVR30
 - AV40
 - SA30

 - SA750

JBL Synthesis
 - SDR38
 - SDP58
 - SDR35
 - SDP55

* The ARCAM AVR5 comes Dirac Ready, fully capable of providing all current Dirac Live features. To purchase Dirac Live for the ARCAM AVR5, please click here.