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HARMAN Luxury Update

HARMAN Luxury Update

How Important Are Trade Shows to Your Business?

by Dave Tovissi
Vice President and General Manager
HARMAN Luxury Audio

Dave Tovissi VP & GM - Luxury Audio

Shortly after the ISE Show in Amsterdam in February of 2020, trade shows and conventions pretty much came to a stop due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many organizations, including HARMAN, pivoted to virtual events. While we recognized that the engagement level with our customers and the press dropped significantly, we still experienced stronger than anticipated sales. While it may be tempting for companies to forgo the capital and human expenditures of exhibiting at industry trade shows, we have committed to recapturing the essence of these events by meeting face-to-face with our customers and the press.

Companies, like bicyclists, can coast every now and then, especially if they have good momentum and especially if their competition also coasts. However, from our perspective, it’s time for us to start pedaling again. But what about you? Are you also ready to get back on the bike and meet with your key suppliers? Are you ready to travel and reconnect with your peers and see and hear what our industry has been developing for you and your customers?

If last week’s show in Munich was an indicator of the future, I would say that most of you are ready to get back out there. Our stand at High-End Munich was packed at times. We had standing-room only presentations of our Mark Levinson ML50 amplifiers and the JBL 4305P active studio monitors from the moment the show opened until long after they stopped admitting attendees at the front convention center entrances. Our meetings with customers and the press concluded with a shared optimism for the future of the event and the willingness to engage with people again.

This month’s newsletter also features a recap of the AXPONA show in Chicago, which was also open to the public and well attended.

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