HDMI 2.1

Training Tips

Training Tips

HDMI 2.1 Training Going Live This Month

James Todd, Senior Global Product Line Manager

Kevin Kent

Late last year we announced that there would be a HDMI 2.1 upgrade available for our current range of AV receivers and processors from ARCAM and JBL Synthesis. We also announced new models that include this technology right out of the box. The first question you might have rightly asked is “What the heck is HDMI 2.1?” or “Why do I need that?” Well, our next lesson will answer all questions you might have.

When working constantly in the ever-evolving field of technology, it is sometimes hard to be excited for iterative technology improvements, and the HDMI spec creeping from 2.0 to 2.1 is probably not going to get anyone excited on its own. But when you drill down, there is more to it than the 8K resolution headline. It actually opens up a significant opportunity for the application of a home cinema as a general media and entertainment space in the home. With wider use a home cinema has more value to those who choose to invest in one.

JBL Studio 6

The next generation of games consoles have been out for a year and they would not be possible without HDMI 2.1. The gaming industry was last year larger than the music and movie industries combined, and so the fact that these consoles remain in short supply a full year after launch should not be a surprise. The inclusion of HDMI 2.1 enables ARCAM and JBL Synthesis products to provide an immersive lift in audio performance for gamers, a big upgrade on headphones and TV speakers that are typically used. So please take a look at this lesson and see how HDMI 2.1 can help explore new opportunities and give your customers a more hands-on demonstration experience.