Mark Levinson No. 5909

From the Audio Files

From the Audio Files

Mark Levinson № 5909 Headphones

We have done a lot of boasting over the last couple of months about the new Mark Levinson № 5909 Headphones. Now it’s time to hear what our community has to say about them! Check out the collection of stellar reviews that the headphones have already received (click on each red headline to read the publication's full article):

Sound Stage! Solo
“I love the № 5909’s features, the comfort, and the app. And the noise canceling is fantastic — something that’s almost never true of noise-canceling headphones from the storied brands of the audio biz. So I guess what I’m saying here is that they’re probably my favorite noise-canceling headphones to date.”

Music Photo Life
"What is impressive on the Mark Levinson № 5909 is the ability for the headphones to deliver sonic distinction among the instruments and give them the space that they deserve. It is not often that I come across such musical qualities on a pair of wireless headphones, so at this moment, the № 5909 is a class of its own."

Steve Huff Photography and Hi-Fi
"These beauties are full on audiophile in sound quality and have top notch noise canceling, comfort and features such as four mics for phone calls, replaceable ear cups, and app control with customizations. Add in a 65 foot range and 34 hours of battery and you have one cool set of wireless headphones. It is the audio quality though that stands out, and these are pure Levinson. Airy highs, clean tight bass and an actual soundstage within your head. Something I never experienced in any wireless Bluetooth headphones."

Trusted Reviews
"The № 5909 are a remarkably detailed listen, able to extract the most minor, most transient information from the edges or the depths of a recording – and without being in any way analytical or uptight about it. If the minor harmonic variations in an instrument intrigue you, or the most fleeting mouth-sounds as a singer prepares to deliver the next line, the Mark Levinson will keep you listening – and entertained – for hours on end."

Teoh on Tech Video
"The sound quality is excellent. It has good quality across low and high frequencies, and at different volumes. The sound is clear and crisp. I usually listen to instrumentals and soundtracks, and I can hear the individual instruments. The audio quality is top-notch."