SAV Digital Environments

Dealer Profile

Dealer Profile

SAV Digital Environments

Bozeman and Big Sky, Montana and the West Indies

Key Information & Statistics
Owner Cory Reistad
Opened 2005
HARMAN Brands Supported

Arcam, JBL Synthesis, Mark Levinson and Revel

The HARMAN Luxury Audio Group is proud to have some of the best high-end consumer electronics partners across the globe. Each month, we have the pleasure of learning a little bit more about one of our dealers or distributors. This time we spoke with Scott Abel, Brian Atkinson and Nels Tate of SAV Digital Environments.

How long have you been in business?
For 17 years as a firm (23 if you count the six years our owner, Cory Reistad, was in the industry before SAV).

How many locations do you have?
Officially, two showrooms and one large administration office which holds most of our employees, our fleet of 40+ vehicles, and our purchasing and receiving department. One of the showrooms and the admin office are in Bozeman, the other showroom is in Big Sky. Unofficially, we have three show homes in Bozeman and Big Sky - AKA liveable showrooms that are meant to show and demonstrate real-life smart home living experiences. We also have a presence in Whitefish, MT, Jackson Hole, WY, as well as the West Indies. Yup, you heard that right — we’re in the Bahamas!

High Definition Technologies

Max Audio exterior

How did SAV Digital Environments get its start?
Our roots started to take form in 2005 as a fast-paced dynamic systems integration firm named Studio AV, when entrepreneur and owner Cory Reistad had a vision to create the best audio/video environments possible. Having begun his career in the field as a technician-owner in 1999, Cory has since built a team of unique, creative and innovative individuals over the years who not only exemplify technique and design, but also understand the importance of unyielding client service. The result is an 80+ member team spread throughout Bozeman and Big Sky, MT as well as Jackson, WY and the West Indies. As technologies and partnerships progressed, so did the company's name. With advancements in technologies along with years of extensive industry experience and the gathering and retention of knowledge, Studio AV evolved. From the life and legacy of Studio AV, SAV (pronounced /es-ā-vē/) Digital Environments has emerged.

How many people are on the SAV Digital Environments team?

Thoughts on the importance of training?
Training is a top priority. We have an extensive training program with a dedicated training manager and coordinator. Our industry demands that we remain vigilant regarding training. We’ve made a big push in the past year and a half focusing on technician growth. Coming off our success there, we’re expanding our program to include many other positions. Our goal is to create a training university that identifies a track for each employee and how to jump to other areas of interest, better facilitating the “Right Person, Right Seat” approach to staffing. Our technician training milestones program includes four levels so we’re excited that we already have the framework built for a collegiate-like system of classification. What started out as a means of identifying and maintaining skill progression may well turn in to something monumental.

Max Audio JBL Mark Levinson

What do you like most about HARMAN Luxury Audio products and which lines do you feature?
We love working with the JBL and JBL Synthesis Lines, as well as Arcam, Revel and Mark Levinson. Using Synthesis as our leading theater and media room audio solution, we're able to seamlessly integrate high-performance audio into a variety of spaces. The flexibility offered through the line, as well as exceptional sound for these spaces, makes Synthesis a go-to for our team.

How do you think the luxury audio industry is currently doing?
It's interesting to see the shift in methodology from Performance being the key metric in audio, to Aesthetic. Brands that have excelled in the space have truly accomplished impressive engineering feats by maintaining both and not compromising either. Whether taking a higher-grade appearance in an effort to be the centerpiece of the space or disappearing altogether, this has been a remarkable shift to perceive. It's also complemented by the mentality shift of "Intentional Audio", and the re-emergence of retro, nostalgic technologies. The reappearance of vinyl, large in-room speakers, wood-tones, and antiquated dials and meters is an excellent example of this.

What is SAV Digital Environments’ mission?
Our mission at SAV is the relentless pursuit of enriching our clients’ lives through technology, innovation and unyielding commitment to service.

You have the floor. Anything else you want to share with us about SAV Digital Environments that you would like the world to know?
At SAV Digital Environments, we not only value creativity and embrace diversity, but we work hard and play hard. We love coming to work, we are passionate about what we do, and we are always looking for the best and the brightest, near and far.