JBL 4305P

Training Tips

Training Tips

JBL 4305P Powered Studio Monitor and Mark Levinson 500 Series

Chris Robinson, Global Training Manager

Kevin Kent

JBL 4305P Active Streaming Studio Monitor: The Future of Audio?
I am thrilled to be able to experience music through multiple systems in my home, including a pair of amazing JBL 4309 studio monitors in my “man cave.” When working on the training for those loudspeakers, I asked our engineer, An Nguyen, who was by then working on the new active JBL 4305P Studio Monitors, “What will be the upcoming model’s sonic difference?” He stated that the active 4305Ps will be similar, but with more and deeper bass response. Really? This from a speaker system that will be significantly smaller than the already compact JBL 4309 that offers great bass? The answer was yes… and there is so much more.

Below is the relative size comparison of the JBL 4305P and JBL 4309 Studio Monitors.

Mark Levinson No 5909 headphones

The graph on the right represents the first measurements for the 4305P with on axis, off axis, sound power and directivity depicted. Truly incredible.

Our training class will detail why the 4305P active loudspeakers sound the way they do, but sonics is never everything. The loudspeaker system offers access to music with both traditional analog and digital inputs and multiple ways to stream music, be it from your own local hard drive or from high-resolution music services including Tidal and Qobuz. This incredible connectivity is enhanced by the ability to install these special speakers for most any application.

Mark Levinson headphones training

While I have no plans to replace my beloved 4309s, I may just have to find a place for these. Maybe replace my soundbar on my fireplace mantle and enjoy uncompromised sound for music and movies? This just might be the future of music listening and content creation in the home.

Technical Design Considerations in Mark Levinson 500 Series Components
The Introduction of the 500 Series Components in 2014 to 2016 represented a re-birth of the Mark Levinson luxury audiophile brand. Our one-hour training video reviews - in technical detail - the most significant 500 series design attributes in both their digital and analog circuits. These design considerations are all represented in our 500 series from our preamplifiers and amplifiers to our digital music player. The content is also relevant to our new Mark Levinson ML-50 limited edition anniversary amplifier.

Todd Eichenbaum details these circuit foundations and offers insight that led to the Pure Path design philosophy.

While the contents of this presentation are not presented to customers, these details give you a better understanding of why Mark Levinson systems represent the state-of-the-art, thus providing more confidence and insight when demonstrating the emotions of music conveyed in a 500 series demonstration.

The technical details presented shed some light as to the reasons Mark Levinson systems exhibit extremely wide bandwidth, ultra-low distortion, low noise and produce exceptional bass extension.

This class is now available to you. Enter the training site, find the “Go to courses” section and click “Add this course”. Enjoy!

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