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Training Tips

New Classes For You: Mark Levinson Headphones and Music Life App

Chris Robinson, Global Training Manager

Kevin Kent

OK, I’ll level with you, I am not a big headphone guy. I prefer listening to music through the finest speakers in rooms (After all, I have three 2-channel music systems in my house). Prior to using the No. 5909 headphones, my primary use for headphones was wired in-ear devices that I use when I exercise at the gym. That’s it.

This perception of mine changed drastically last month after flying to our office in Northridge, California from my home in Connecticut. It’s a long flight, and I was lucky enough to use these headphones for many hours non-stop. I will never fly again without them, thanks to the most advanced ANC in the industry.

Mark Levinson No 5909 headphones

For the first time in over 20 years, I arrived in California refreshed and did not have the usual dragged out feeling of lingering exhaustion from flying through three time zones. I normally cannot even stay awake on a flight, but I enjoyed multiple episodes of a TV series nonstop, no noise, just the captivating clear sound of the show’s (Mars) soundtrack.

A wall of silence enveloped me as I was captivated by the story, and I arrived in what seemed half the time of the normally tortuous flight into LAX. I never contemplated that the ANC feature, for me, would be the most beneficial aspect of these premium headphones.

Mark Levinson headphones training

You will hear a lot about the sound quality and other features of these headphones in this module. Of course, a Mark Levinson branded product demands absolute reference sound and the No. 5909 delivers. We know through our science of sound how people like to hear music and understand the preferred acoustic balance of great speakers. These headphones do just that and are designed to have the timbral balance of great speakers in great rooms, as researched by our scientific acoustic research team headed by Dr. Sean Olive. It’s all about the music.

This class will give you all these details and more in just 10 minutes. Any of your clients who fly and, like me, may not be predisposed to owning quality headphones, may decide to reconsider. This class will be available in about a week, and you will receive an invitation to the class if you are signed up on our HARMAN University site. Are you?

Music Life
A couple of weeks ago I sent out a questionnaire to those who took at least one of our training modules in 2021. Thank you to all who participated. We invited those learners a first peek at this video providing details to Music Life.

Music Life is a HARMAN Luxury application that brings together your streaming music sources to play through many Arcam, JBL Synthesis, JBL and Mark Levinson components. Designed to bring together specific streaming systems, podcasts, internet radio and local music on your UPnP NAS drive, Music Life allows a single application to enjoy all your music. Even if you are familiar with Music Life, this class may provide you with new information that will help you set up and use this system.

This class is now available to you. Enter the training site, find the “Go To classes” section and click “Add this class.” Enjoy!

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