Max Audio Kokura

Dealer Profile

Dealer Profile

Max Audio, Inc.

Fukuoka and Kokura, Japan

Founder and CEO
Seizo Ohara
Executive Manager, Sales & Marketing
Yusuke Ohara
Key Statistics & Information
Opened 1982
HARMAN Brands Supported

Arcam, JBL Synthesis, Mark Levinson

The HARMAN Luxury Audio Group is proud to have some of the best high-end consumer electronics partners across the globe. Each month, we have the pleasure of learning a little bit more about one of our dealers or distributors. This time we're featuring a conversation with Seizo Ohara, Founder and CEO, and Yusuke Ohara, Executive Manager, Sales & Marketing, from Japanese dealer Max Audio, Inc., with locations in Fukuoka and Kokura.

How long have you been in business?
We have been in business for 39 years, since 1982.

How many locations do you have?
We have two stores in Fukuoka and Kokura, which are both located on the South side of Japan.

Max Audio logo
Max Audio exterior

How did Max Audio get its start?
Seizo: I started our business on July 20th of 1982 simply because of my love for audio. I didn’t have much money, so I rented a small room and displayed several audio products. Unfortunately, my dream of having a successful shop did not become a reality in the beginning because no one visited for several weeks. But I was patient and as soon as we had our first customer, I learned a valuable lesson. Every single customer is a royal customer and I have continued to treat them in that manner as we have grown our business for the last 39 years step-by-step with customers who love music and audio here in the South side of Japan.

How many people are on the Max Audio team?
Seizo: In total we have 12 people including six store front staff members and two admins. My son Yusuke is now in charge of the online store and digital marketing.

Yusuke: I had started a YouTube Channel called “Audio Hendrix” to bring younger demographics into the luxury audio world. I just introduced the Arcam launch of products in Japan on my YouTube channel. At this moment, YouTube is not a common place for audio fans to discover luxury audio in Japan. However, I’m finding that more and more audio fans, especially young people, are starting to utilize this platform to discover new products.

Thoughts on the importance of training?
Yusuke: We place a high value on real experience when choosing luxury audio products. To serve it to our customers, our staff must experience the best sound before consultation. Training is definitely very important, but self-learning and a curiosity to discover new things are also essential to offering the best experience to customers.

Max Audio Fukuoka

What do you like most about HARMAN Luxury Audio products?
Yusuke: Project EVEREST DD67000, for sure. It is the best JBL speaker on the market and is packed with the latest acoustic technologies and engineering. The EVEREST product is a dream for audio fans and the best speaker to immerse yourself into the music.

How do you think the luxury audio industry is currently doing?
Seizo: In the luxury audio world, efficiency is not always the right answer. Inefficiency or wastefulness sometimes generate an unforgettable luxury moment. I expect that the future of luxury audio will make such precious time more enjoyable to the customer and enrich their life.

What is Max Audio’s mission?
Seizo: Deliver high quality sound, music and experience, then cultivate the conscience by high quality sound and music in a community.

You have the floor. Anything else you want to share with us about Max Audio that you would like the world to know?
Yusuke: We are very proud of the sound quality of our listening rooms. Plus, there is a live performance space on the second floor of our Kokura store, and customers can eat and drink while listening to jazz or classical music live.

Max Audio JBL Mark Levinson