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What's New

Coming Soon to JBL.com: Specialty Audio

By Tina Leitz
Senior Marketing Manager
Global Centralized Brands

Tina Leitz

As we continue to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the iconic and legendary JBL brand, there is added focus and excitement around the many new products being released this year from Luxury Audio including the limited edition L100 Classic 75 loudspeakers, the SA750 streaming integrated amplifier and the L75 Music System. We have added new products to the Classic Series with the L52 Classic and introduced new offerings in the Studio Monitor Series with the JBL 4309. All of these new products are garnering amazing reviews from all over the world.

With so many new product introductions from this year and continuing into next, we want to expose them to a much broader audience. Our goal is to engage more mainstream consumers who are willing to spend a little bit more for high quality audio products.

To help us achieve this goal, we are excited to share that we are moving all JBL branded products currently found on jblsynthesis.com to their new microsite JBL.com/SpecialtyAudio.html on JBL.com this November. You can see that we are categorizing these products as Specialty Audio. The new microsite will feature all categories and series of products. Our HDI, Classic, Studio Monitor, Conceal and Summit product series will allow interested consumers to learn more about what makes these products so special.

JBL Specialty Audio 2

In addition, once these products migrate to the new site, the JBL Synthesis website will also be completely redesigned and relaunched in early 2022.

With Specialty Audio on jbl.com, we have created an environment that is rich in the brand’s history, but also highlights the innovations in design and technology that make our products so unique.