Training Tips

Training Tips

Celebrating Two Years of the HARMAN Luxury Audio University Site

Chris Robinson, Global Training Manager

Kevin Kent

In 2018, Luxury Audio hosted a small group of dealers for one of our regular Mark Levinson academies in Shelton, CT as we have done for loudspeaker technologies in our engineering center in Northridge, CA. These academies provide a wealth of information although they only reach a relatively small number of attendees per year. One of our guests in Shelton remarked on how valuable the training was but also requested that we offer a means to provide training so that all of their employees could benefit and not just those who travel to one of our facilities.

In October of 2019, the Luxury Audio University was born to provide access to training for all Luxury Audio dealers in any part of the world 24 hours a day. The Mark Levinson overview and 5000 series integrated amplifiers were the first two classes released, followed closely by a three-part introduction to JBL Synthesis. I just retook the initial Mark Levinson classes and found that the content is still fresh and as applicable today as it was two years ago. There is nothing that beats a great demo, but to have some substance to back the emotions certainly helps the sales process.

MusicLife app

Since then, over 43 classes have been created that are short, easy and beneficial to take. They are primarily purposed to help the salesperson have a knowledgeable conversation about one of our brands and be able to provide important information on specific products. There are also, “how to” classes - from calibrating an Arcam or JBL Synthesis system using Dirac Live room correction, to installing our invisible JBL Conceal line of loudspeakers. A new JBL Synthesis Certified Systems training will be available soon that will help you specify a JBL Synthesis system for any size room and price point.

JBL Studio 6

With our compression driver JBL Studio 6 Architectural class released earlier this month, we now have a total of 14 JBL classes plus nearly as many for Arcam, JBL Synthesis and Revel. We are currently in production mode on several new classes that will be released in November and December for the new JBL L75ms music system, JBL Synthesis and one each for Arcam and Mark Levinson. With almost 4,000 classes completed by learners since we began, we look forward to providing and improving our content and bringing you more relevant training this year and next.

If you have any special requests for specific training, please let us know at or We look forward to hearing from you.

As always you may access the new JBL Studio 6 Architectural course and others by clicking here.
Once you sign in, if these courses are not populated on your home page, click “Go to Courses” to sign up. Stay tuned next month as more training becomes available.

Roon Nucleus Winner!

Congratulations to Paul Kraft of Engaged Audio Video, Easton, Pennsylvania

“My personal experience with HARMAN products dates all the way back to the Lexicon DC-1, Levinson's 300 series, Proceed PAV, and the Revel Ultima Gems! My own company has proudly adhered to Dr Toole's ‘Science in the Service of Art’ philosophy in bringing the best deigned and best sounding equipment to our clients. I have always considered product training to be an integral part of the process of becoming confident in what I am selling, and believe that confidence leads to sales. In these times when travel has become problematic, the online training courses have played a critical role in bringing me ‘up to speed.’”