JBL 4309 Review

From the Audio Files

From the Audio Files

JBL 4309 Video Review by New Record Day

Great reviews are starting to flow in for our newest Studio Monitor – the JBL 4309. Ron Brenay of New Record Day published a gushingly positive video review of the product. Here are a few highlights.

“I like the top-end voicing of the speaker and not once did I feel it lacked anything. At the same time, it never sounded like it was lying to me. Upper mid-range and beyond also sounded great with the 4309s. Trying out AC/DC’s Back in Black and making my way through the entire album not once did I hear anything in the upper mid-range that sounded “shouty” or forward. All the intricate details that I know so well were all there waiting for me to enjoy even more. This is where a horn speaker seems to do some interesting things with presence, and the 4309s do it with the best of them. Presence is the key word folks — it perfectly describes what I’m chatting about, essentially, most of the upper harmonics of mid-range and anything fundamental in upper mid-range does sound more like a front row experience...

“It’s been a while since I’ve heard a horn-loaded loudspeaker that I truly love without compromise. The last speaker that got me excited in this category was none other than the JBL Studio 530. While that speaker is still a sleeper and a fantastic choice on a budget, the 4309 is superior in every single category… For those who want balance without the tricks happen or rules of proper bracing ultimately being ignored, I think I just found your next speaker. The JBL 4309 might be one of my favorite horn speakers under $2000.”

Watch the video below: