JBL L52 Classic

Training Tips

Training Tips

JBL L52 Classic: The Smallest Member of the Iconic JBL Classic Series

Kevin Kent, Global Field Technical Trainer

Kevin Kent

With outstanding lineage and the acoustic chops to back it up, the new L52 Classic bookshelf loudspeaker is uniquely designed to live up to its Classic Series family name. In this upcoming lesson, we briefly discuss how the L82 Classic inspired the creation of the L52 Classic. By taking advantage of both the recent development in driver technology and traditional technologies pioneered by JBL, this speaker truly embodies everything we’ve learned over the last 75 years.

We demonstrate how the L52 Classic is not merely a shrunken down L82 Classic, but really brings the same Classic family quality and performance to a variety of smaller spaces from stand-mount, to bookshelf, to tabletop to wall-mount. Everything about it is premium with its hybrid titanium tweeter, cast frame woofer, premium crossover, and even the same wood cabinet thickness as its larger siblings. The L52 Classic has exceeded everyone’s expectations in terms of quality and performance, delivering big sound that must be heard to be believed. It is with great pleasure that we showcase all of these highlights and more in the training that is now posted.

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JBL Studio 6

JBL Studio 6 Architectural: Coming Soon
Using the same compression driver and woofer technology from Studio 6 in-room speakers, this training will demonstrate how this new line will enhance your ability to design in-wall compression driver theater systems. Priced below the JBL Synthesis’ expanded SCL series, the Studio 6 Architectural in-wall loudspeakers feature powerful JBL patented driver technology with tried and true mounting bracket design that make retrofit installation a breeze in any home.

This line of in-wall speakers are the entry to high frequency compression driver to deliver the dynamics and output efficiency that is appropriate for both music and movies. Additionally, they complement the Studio 6 in-room line, so they blend together seamlessly, allowing designers to get creative.

The training will be posted early next month and these products will be in production this fall.

JBL Studio 6 Architectural cutaway 1
JBL Studio 6 Architectural cutaway 2

Roon Nucleus Giveaway: Enter to Win!
We will be announcing the winner of the Roon Nucleus on September 30th. For those of you who have not taken the Roon Overview course, be sure to do so ASAP to enter the drawing. Additionally, everyone who takes this course will receive a FREE one-year subscription to Roon upon passing the quiz at the end of the lesson.
The Nucleus is a high performance music server dedicated to your digital library and streaming services.

You can find more info, including a white paper, here.

Access the new JBL L52 Classic course and our recently posted Roon class here.
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