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The One Behind The One

By Jim Garrett
Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning

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I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Michael Pyle, President of Centurion LV and the focus of this month’s Dealer Profile, to discuss his involvement in a truly remarkable luxury home. The project is called The One and it is the largest and most expensive private residence in the world. It is currently offered for sale with an asking price of $350,000,000. Situated on a five acre lot on top of the highest point in Bel Air, California with 360-degree views of Los Angeles, The One is a jaw-dropping 105,000 square foot (9,755 square meters) three-story structure with more bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and swimming pools than you can count. Designed to leave nothing wanting, it features luxury amenities like a four-lane bowling alley, an indoor-outdoor night club for up to 900 guests, a 15-person beauty salon and a 50-car garage with two turntables to showcase your finest machines.

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As you can imagine, a home like this isn’t built overnight. Michael and his company have been involved in this project for more than seven years. Centurion LV has been responsible for the design and installation of all of the low-voltage systems throughout the property including audio, video, lighting, security, IT and more. With so much amazing technology in the home, it is difficult to comprehend how to manage such a project. These types of mega-mansions and their often-eccentric and demanding developers have become an area of expertise for Michael. The effort and passion put forth into this particular project over the years was immense and it is a relief for him to finally be able to share details of what technologies can be found throughout The One.

The One JBL Synthesis Home Theater

I met Michael at The One for a special behind the scenes tour of this incredible residential complex. Photos and video do not prepare you for seeing it in person. It is truly massive! All of the technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the home. Many of the areas required professional products due to their size – the entry lobby for example where JBL compression driver in-ceiling loudspeakers were used due to the exceptionally high ceilings. A home of this scale was the perfect opportunity for Michael and his team to create a truly VIP experience in what is the largest private cinema they have created to date. When it came time for the audio system, the Centurion LV team turned to JBL Synthesis to deliver the best possible performance in this massive Dolby Atmos theater room. Our SDP-75 surround processor and SDA-8300 and SDA-4600 amplifiers form the electronics backbone of the system and provided the ability to perfectly calibrate the room so that every one of the more than 30 seats sounds incredible. The technologies we use in our systems and the ability to scale them from small, intimate spaces up to outrageous private cinemas as seen at The One are why Michael and his Centurion LV team exclusively specify JBL Synthesis for their home theater solution.

For an inside look at this phenomenal installation and more from Michael himself, be sure to watch the video below and get to know the one behind The One.