Arcam Solo Uno

Training Tips

Training Tips

Arcam Solo Uno: The Intelligent Streaming Amplifier Offering More Opportunities for Music

Chris Robinson, Global Training Manager

Kevin Kent

Streaming amplifiers have flourished in popularity in recent years and Arcam joined this category in 2020 with the introduction of the Solo Uno. Solo Uno brings Arcam’s “music first” design philosophy into an elegant, intelligent streaming amplifier that is easy to use, with comprehensive music listening options.

Performance and convenience highlight the applications of the Solo Uno with the opportunity to provide easy access to music for a single room with traditional speakers to more whole house and custom applications. Whether accessing music from Chromecast, Airplay2, MusicLife or Roon, the Solo Uno works seamlessly with other Luxury Audio products and those that may already exist in one’s home.

MusicLife app

While we posted a short non-narrated module last year on the Solo Uno, the new narrated version of this training provides better insight on its features and how you can present this system and the category to your customers. Check it out soon on the Luxury Audio training site.

JBL Studio 6

Coming Soon: New JBL Architectural Speakers
Yes! We have more JBL Architectural speakers that will focus on home theater and 2-channel in-wall systems. Using the same compression driver and woofer technology from Studio 6 in-room speakers, this new line will enhance your ability to design in-wall compression driver theater systems.

Priced below the JBL Synthesis' expanded SCL series, you will now be able to offer systems at virtually any price point and applications with any of the Luxury Audio brands from JBL, JBL Synthesis and Revel.

The training will be posted early next month and these products will be in production this fall.

Access the new Solo Uno course and our recently posted Roon class here.
Once you sign in, if these courses are not populated on your home page, click “Go to Courses” to sign up. Stay tuned next month as more training becomes available for new JBL speakers being announced soon.