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Training Tips

New Trainings for Roon and JBL Studio 6

By Kevin Kent, Field Technical Trainer

Kevin Kent

In partnership with Roon Labs, a new training module will be released that demonstrates the seamless integration of several digital source components from HARMAN Luxury Audio. We’ll look at the system anatomy and detail on what makes the Roon system special, including the ways it enhances the music listening experience, as well as the increased business opportunities for our dealers.

Roon screens

Roon was founded with a goal to help people have an easier time enjoying their music, and so far, we think they’ve done exactly that… and then some. We already love the sonic quality of what our Roon Ready devices can achieve and we’re excited Roon can provide your customers with the option to expand to numerous music systems around their home using one convenient app.

Being told about Roon is exciting, but this is a system that is best understood through experience. Therefore, Roon is offering a FREE one-year subscription upon passing the quiz at the end of the lesson!

But that’s not all… One lucky winner will be randomly selected to receive a Roon Nucleus, a high performance music server dedicated to your digital library and streaming services.

JBL Studio 6

JBL Studio 6
June 2021

The JBL Studio 6 series of in-room loudspeakers represents the entry into high frequency compression driver speakers that produce JBL’s signature sound. We will take a quick look at the JBL legacy of engineering excellence and demonstrate how we employed traditional technologies while progressing forward with the advances in today’s acoustics. The Studio 6 line combines legacy technology with the HDI Horn and a completely redesigned cabinet, creating a speaker that looks beautiful and delivers the low-end power and huge dynamics that are the core of the JBL signature sound. With the number of options available in the Studio 6 line, you can mix and match, making it convenient to suit your customers' budgets and needs for an unlimited number of applications. The details of the Studio 6 speaker line revealed to you in this training should not be missed.

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