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Training Tips

Training Tips

Value Priced In-room and Architectural Speakers by JBL

By Chris Robinson, Manager, Global Training and
Kevin Kent, Technical Trainer

If you have ever experienced Dr. Floyd Toole’s “Science of Sound" class, you will appreciate the engineering substance that goes into all of our loudspeakers and not just those at luxury price points. Developing a speaker system at a lower cost means that our engineers use the accumulated acoustic knowledge to know exactly how to implement lower cost parts for the best sonic result. Attracting a whole new group of customers, Stage and Studio 6 in-room, plus Arena and Studio 2 architectural loudspeakers, are now offered by Luxury Audio. At last, Luxury Audio offerings include entry level models in addition to our more luxury priced systems.

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JBL Synthesis Certification Workshop 1

JBL Stage Series In-room Loudspeaker Systems
This course introduces the JBL Stage series of loudspeakers, an easy entry point into the world of Hi-Fi without a large price tag. The series offers a full line of timbre-matched models that allow customers to match their budget and needs. JBL Stage clearly demonstrates that good engineering can deliver exceptional audio performance that is also affordable. The series is highly praised by reviewers from respected industry publications and this module reveals how we leveraged our decades of science and research to design a series that punches way above their weight class in terms of price range.

This class is now active on the University site.

JBL Synthesis Certification Workshop 2

JBL Architectural Loudspeakers - Arena and Studio 2
The same science that drives our in-room loudspeaker development is also used to develop our architectural speakers. The JBL Architectural loudspeaker overview will introduce you to two lines of JBL in-wall and in-ceiling speaker systems using the same science that drove our initial Architectural development at even more popular price points.

This training highlights the series and model differences and provides application guidelines to design whole-house and multi-channel systems for best sound and coverage. This class is scheduled for posting by the end of this month.

Looking Forward to June
We are collectively working on a few more trainings this month that are scheduled for a June release including the JBL Studio 6 in-room speaker series, the Arcam Solo Uno streaming integrated amplifier and a module on Roon. The Roon module is particularly noteworthy as this is the first lesson prepared to benefit our dealers and distributors from a Luxury Audio partner. Check out the Roon Tech Talk in this month’s newsletter and look for this exciting training in June. The module will provide some implementation and inside detail on this industry-leading content aggregator.

Please find the collection of all training at:

https://harmanuniversity.talentlms.com/index .

Once you sign in, if the course is not populated on your home page, click “Go to Courses” to sign up for this class. Stay tuned next month as more training becomes available for Arcam, Mark Levinson and JBL Synthesis.