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JBL 4309 and Text Translations

By Chris Robinson
Manager, Global Training

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JBL 4309 Studio Monitor – The Magic of Imaging
The creation of a three-dimensional soundstage from just two loudspeakers is the real magic of the music listening experience from a traditional stereo system. “Imaging” along with revealing “inner detail” of a recording is what captures our emotions and places us in a state of mind where we escape to the music and not the equipment. I’ve had the joy of having a pair of these new JBL 4309 Studio Monitors in my home, in numerous set up locations and simply cannot get over the uncanny imaging capability and how much fun these speaker are in a variety of listening conditions.

Like its big brother, the 4349 Studio Monitor, the JBL 4309 uses a smaller version of the same D2 family of compression drivers mated with a high definition (HDI) horn that has continued to evolve over the last few years of development. This horn/driver combination has provided much of the imaging abilities in both studio monitors as the on axis and off access sound is nearly identical in timbre. The result is superior imaging in any room environment regardless of room acoustics and in a wide variety of placements, even less than optimal set up locations.

Unlike many speaker designs that require pinpoint placement for enjoying that remarkable image, the 4309s are incredibly forgiving and can be placed in less than optimal locations. The small size only helps. Even when located high on a shelf above ear height or in some asymmetrical locations, the music tends to appear out of the box and hang in the room. Place them in the classic proper stereo set up, on stands or on a shelf, and the image appears wide, deep and detailed.

The 4309 training module will provide all the information you need to sell these magnificent little gems. It’s not only imaging, but the dynamics and bass extension in such a small package will surprise you. Once you take a listen, your enthusiasm may be all you need.

Translated Languages Now Offered in E-Learning Modules
We have begun to include multiple language translations in text form in our posted modules. We just updated the JBL SA750 /JBL L100 Classic 75 module and the JBL 4309 Studio Monitor module was released with text translations.

English, Spanish, Japanese and simplified Chinese text translations will appear on the left side of the module screen if the learner wishes to view these text translations. We are currently updating our JBL Synthesis SCL1 / SSW1 module and SCL5, 6, 7 & 8 expansion module with translations and these two training modules include Korean as the fourth language instead of Japanese.

All future modules will include translations and our language offerings will evolve as we move forward.

Please access the new JBL 4309 Studio Monitor and other courses at:

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