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Training Tips

Training = Sales

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By Chris Robinson, Manager, Global Training

New Luxury Audio e-learning site

We recently reviewed the top 50 accounts worldwide and found that those who embrace training lead in sales performance in each of the Luxury Audio brands. These accounts regard product knowledge as a key element to their business, whether it be an international distributor or independent dealer, and see a direct relationship to training with sales success.

One noteworthy example is a distributor who in the past two years recommitted their focus to the Luxury Audio brands and embraced training in all forms. They now specify JBL Synthesis systems for their dealers and internally have taken every course on our online university site. In addition, one of their top accounts has taken all of the courses as well and leads in sales among other dealers in their region.

An independent dealer in the U.S., Paul Kraft of Engaged Audio, has also embraced virtually all the classes and views all forms of training as one of the key factors in his success. Paul noted, “Training makes you more confident in the products and as a result, you close more sales.” While access to online training is just one of many factors in success, we can see that it is making a positive impact.

All of our new training modules will be updated with text translations in multiple languages so that even dealers for whom English is not their primary language can benefit from the content.

New Courses Posted
Two new training modules are posted with another scheduled by month’s end. Two are dedicated to new JBL Synthesis loudspeakers, one for applications in reference theaters and the other that expands the range of all of our systems. The other course celebrates JBLs 75thanniversary with the JBL SA750 streaming integrated amplifier and a very limited edition JBL L100 Classic 75 speakers. Both products marry modern technology with the vintage looks and listening experience of the classic hi-fi era.

JBL Synthesis SCL-1 LCR and SSW-1 Subwoofer: Take this class to learn about the new speakers that reestablish JBL Synthesis as the absolute elite in home cinema. The patented SCL-1 establishes new levels of performance in both its output capability and ultra-low distortion with smooth even directivity in the largest rooms. The matching SSW-1 dual 15” subwoofer not only supersedes the output of our old 18” subwoofer, but greatly improves its low end extension to subsonic frequencies. These reference products not only beat the performance of our older “Atlas ‘’ system, they shatter it.

JBL Synthesis SCL-5, SCL-6, SCL-7 and SCL-8: These four new SCL loudspeakers expand JBL Synthesis to smaller rooms, new price points and the applications of all of our systems. Three of the four models offer angled dispersion to focus its sound into the primary listening positions while maintaining a flush profile. They do this with more patented JBL technology and do not suffer from diffraction anomalies created by exposed speaker cavities.

Both these JBL Synthesis lessons are a must see and as of this writing, the SCL expansion lesson is nearing completion for posting.

JBL SA750 Integrated Amplifier and L100 Classic Speakers: One look at the new SA750 Streaming Integrated Amplifier, inspired by the JBL SA600 from 1966, leads one to want to own one. The fact that the vintage look is married to outstanding analog audio circuits with digital audio streaming plus Dirac Live EQ makes using the amplifier in any quality audio system an easy decision.

What better speakers to use with the SA750 than the limited edition JBL L100 Classic 75 version of the widely successful L100 Classic? This limited version is limited to 750 pairs worldwide and are finished in a beautiful teak finish on all sides. They are engineered with sonic improvements that result in the best sounding JBL L100 of all time. Shipping soon, get your order in before they are all gone.

The SA750 will also ship for a limited time in a matching teak finish to pair with these limited edition speakers. After the first year the teak side panel finish will be changed.

Take these classes to learn more. It certainly has been a JBL month.

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