JBL 75th Anniversary

HARMAN Luxury Update

HARMAN Luxury Update

Celebrating 75 Years of
Legendary JBL Performance

Dave Tovissi
Vice President and General Manager, HARMAN Luxury Audio

Over the past 75 years, JBL has played a unique role in the history of music. At special places and pivotal moments – like Woodstock, the Grateful Dead Wall of Sound, and Tomorrowland, JBL loudspeakers were featured alongside some of the world’s greatest talent.

Dave Tovissi VP & GM - Luxury Audio
Wall of Sound
Original JBL Building

JBL’s legacy of exceptional audio began in 1946 with our founder, James B. Lansing, an inspired engineer with a taste for innovation who dared our engineers to dream big. JBL has consistently contributed to the evolution of audio reproduction. Today, JBL loudspeakers are used in more than half of the world’s movie theaters, sports stadiums, and music venues.

As we get ready to start production of the limited production the JBL L100 Classic 75, I thought it would be interesting to share some additional information about the first L100 Century speakers. In this newsletter you will read about how our current L100 Classic speakers compared to the originals which launched in 1974. Our Principal Engineer Chris Hagan will take a walk down memory lane with you.

I also wanted to share how some of the regions across the globe are celebrating this epic milestone with their customers. For example, in Russia, a very famous audio reviewer has produced a series of YouTube videos documenting the history of JBL and the many iconic speakers that we have produced over the past 75 years.

The videos from the Russian HARMAN team celebrate the 75th anniversary of the legendary JBL brand. Key personalities and events that influenced the entire history of audio are highlighted in the videos that will be released over 2021. Mikhail Borzenkov, the top Russian YouTube blogger in high-end audio, is scripting and hosting the videos. The first of the three episodes about JBL, J.B. Lansing, is up on our YouTube channel, and judging by the comments, most viewers are really impressed by both its style and content.