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What's New

Mark Levinson: Hear it Here, Only Here

New marketing campaign seeks to strengthen brand awareness

During our Mark Levinson Reveal LiveStream event last October, we spoke with Kheri Tillman, Vice President, Global Brands, about the investments we were putting behind the Mark Levinson brand. She spoke to us about being on a journey with future marketing campaigns. Just recently, we launched a new series of ads that highlights the magic of listening to music on a Mark Levinson component.

This month we sat down with Juan Marrero, Senior Marketing Manager, to learn more about this new campaign and the strategy behind it. The Hear it Here, Only Here campaign focuses on the emotions people experience when they hear nuances of their music that they’ve never heard before.

"With the premise of unlocking a deeper appreciation of sound as our new core strategy, Mark Levinson is focusing on what music experiences should truly feel like. In a world of disposable, on-the-go lifestyles, our customers are increasingly seeking enduring emotional experiences and are more intentional with how they spend their time. This is truly the promise of Mark Levinson and the way we want to position ourselves into a new broader audience, as we become the bridge that leads to creating a new emotional relationship with sound. Our culture mavens that are between older millennials and young Xennials are uniquely seeking a personal exploration for passion, and it is our promise as a brand to create that powerful and significant connection. In order to engage even more with this passionate target, we created a new series of influencer partnerships that will help us attract new potential consumers through our new Mark Levinson Reveal program. The primary role of the Mark Levinson Reveals activations is to bring to light something not readily apparent to the audience and help connect their passion points in a unique and revealing way."

Check out two examples of this compelling new campaign: