Cantex Systems

Dealer Profile

Dealer Profile

Cantex Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Ahmedabad and Surat, Gujarat, India

Jigesh and Kamlesh
Key Statistics & Information
Opened 1999
HARMAN Brands Supported

Arcam, JBL Synthesis, Lexicon, Mark Levinson and Revel

The HARMAN Luxury Audio Group is proud to have some of the best high-end consumer electronics partners across the globe. Each month, we have the pleasure of learning a little bit more about one of our dealers or distributors. This time we spoke with the folks at Cantex Systems in India.

How long have you been in business?
21 Years and counting.

How many locations do you have?
Three locations in Ahmedabad and one location in Surat, Gujarat, India.

How did Cantex Systems Pvt. Ltd. get its start?
Two like-minded friends, Jigesh and Kamlesh, started to explore business opportunities in 1999 after graduating from college. Computers and IT had just started penetrating deeper in the Indian markets during that time and the duo wanted to capitalize on the scope and potential for the business.

Considering the limited finances available, they started small by promoting computer accessories and later associated themselves with Godrej for promoting Panasonic machines and projectors. This gradually gave way to their entry into the A/V industry. They later took up Panasonic distribution in Gujarat and soon after started the partnership with HARMAN. There is immense satisfaction and pleasure in knowing that the association with HARMAN Luxury Audio brands is still going strong and that Cantex is the face of HARMAN Luxury Audio across the length and breadth of Gujarat. Cantex Systems looks forward to continuing this association and growing it further in the future.

Cantex Systems screen + speakers

How many people are on the Cantex Systems Pvt. Ltd. team?
Total: 15 (Sales – 7 / Service – 5 / Tech Support – 3).

Thoughts on the importance of training?
Training gives everyone a great understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to do their job. This not only enhances their confidence in the brand and products but also improves the overall performance.
Training helps improve the position of the company and it helps buyers distinguish our firm from similar competitors and give them a compelling reason to select us.

We at Cantex make sure our team remains up-to-date on the technical aspects of the products that we install, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and retention. Cantex’s focus on training, both technical and soft skills, has helped us retain employees and strengthen the skills that each team member needs to improve upon.

What do you like most about HARMAN Luxury Audio products and which lines do you feature?
Cantex System Pvt. Ltd. promotes both Luxury Audio and Professional Audio solutions of HARMAN. We also promote AMX automation solutions in our projects.

We have named our demo centres ‘THE ART OF SOUND’ by CANTEX, for customers to experience the prestigious brands of HARMAN Luxury Audio thereby familiarizing themselves with the highest echelons of hi-fidelity audio. Since the very beginning of our journey with HARMAN, our experience suggests that from finest stereo setups to state-of-the-art multi-channel home theatre systems, HARMAN Luxury Audio delivers pure, uncompromised sound.

The satisfaction and joy on the face of the customer after experiencing HARMAN Luxury Audio in our experience centre – ‘THE ART OF SOUND’ is our biggest achievement.

Cantex Systems - seating

How do you think the luxury audio industry is currently doing?
In India, luxury audio is a combination of status symbol and quality experience. There is a common perception that luxury audio is restricted to the highly passionate audiophile or very wealthy who seek to ensure their home is equipped with the very best audio and that they are cash-rich but time-poor. As a result, they rely on others to make recommendations. The potential luxury audio consumer requires careful targeting and handling. However, the reality is with a product category that includes a high level of involvement, the buyer is ready to invest his time in selecting the best audio products and thus the customer awareness and gestation period increase.

Also, the luxury audio industry in India has been seeing an unprecedented growth particularly over the past decade. The way luxury audio and music are being created, as well as being consumed, is representative of how patterns and trends are evolving.

Today, India is on the cusp of a technological revolution. Developments in technology have led to some huge changes, both in the economy and in human behavior. Just a couple of years ago, everyone had thought technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Automation and multiple others were a far-fetched reality. But the pace at which they are all entering the mainstream and seeping into our lives is unreal. It’s no surprise that the impact of constantly evolving technology are also seeping into the audio industry.

The luxury product in India is projected to grow by 15% in the next three years. HARMAN Luxury Audio is going to ride this uptrend especially because this space is largely filled with fly-by-night brands that the customers are not aware of and do not trust completely. The strong brands and products of HARMAN Luxury Audio coupled with an excellent sales and service network will provide us with the best opportunity to cash in on this wave.

What is (Cantex Systems Pvt. Ltd) mission?
Cantex’s mission is to exceed customer expectations by being the leading provider of quality and value-added services in the audio-visual industry.