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Training Tips

Training Tips

New eLearning Module and Videos for JBL Synthesis

By Kevin Kent, Field Technical Trainer

Kevin Kent

Get up to speed on the SCL-1 LCR speaker, SSW-1 subwoofer, Home Theater Design, Dirac Live bass control and more.

JBL Synthesis SCL-1 and SSW-1 – The New Flagship Models
Coming February 2021

A new JBL Synthesis eLearning module will be available this month on the University site presenting the new SCL-1 LCR speaker and SSW-1 subwoofer. From this training, you will gain an understanding of the benefits of remarkable new technologies that contribute to the unparalleled performance of the new flagship models. Take this course and find out how the new models truly establish a new benchmark for JBL Synthesis systems in output level, accuracy and overall sonic performance.

JBL Synthesis SCL-1 and SSW-1

Currently available:

JBL Synthesis - Home Theater Design
The Home Theater Design video is a 30-minute program which introduces you to designing a JBL Synthesis system. You will learn the basics of acoustics, the importance of loudspeaker performance, the fundamentals of speaker placement and pre-calibration techniques. You will find this introductory video a valuable tool in preparing any JBL Synthesis system installation and is a must for all sales and those directly involved in system implementation.

JBL Synthesis Home Theater Design

JBL Synthesis - Dirac Live Bass Control

JBL Synthesis - Dirac Live Bass Control
This 30-minute video identifies the system calibration solutions built into the SDR-35 and SDP-55 using not only the Dirac Live calibration tool, but the full suite of Dirac’s Bass Control technology provided at no additional charge to product owners. You will learn best practices to ensure a successful calibration. The video addresses all aspects from beginning to end including the tools and software required, setup, troubleshooting, and a step-by-step guide to taking measurements and adjusting a steady-state room target curve. This video is designed to be informative for beginners and proficient calibrators alike.

Dsi 2.0 Amp front Panel Configuration

Coming in March 2021:

DSi 2.0 Amplifier Front Panel Configuration
Serving as an instructional video, this program features integration of the DSi 2.0 family of dedicated cinema amplifiers into JBL Synthesis systems. We provide a guided setup to deploy systems faster and easier. The full suite of world-class digital signal processing capabilities can be configured directly from the front panel to configure input routing for analog or Dante connectivity, select speaker presets, and more. DSi 2.0 amplifiers are designed to meet power requirements of JBL Synthesis subwoofers and loudspeakers to simplify configuration, optimize loudspeaker performance and protect equipment from damage.

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