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From the Audio Files

From the Audio Files

Mark Levinson No5805 Review by
The Sound Advocate

We have recently gotten a lot of attention on the newest additions to the Mark Levinson 5000 series with the No5101 Streaming Audio Player, No5105 Turntable and No5206 and No5302 Amplifiers. Two other products in the Mark Levinson 5000 Series that are continuing to turn heads and accumulate great reviews are our two integrated amplifiers, the No5802 and No5805. The Mark Levinson No5805 was a 2019 CES Innovation Nominee, and the product was also recently awarded “Best Amplifier of 2020” by LikeHifi in Germany. Added to the long list of accolades for the No5805 is Howard Milstein’s very positive review in The Sound Advocate.

Here is a quote from the review:

"The Levinson immediately showed its muscularity by understatedly throwing out a distinctively fine, somewhat analytical yet absorbing sound presentation. Using Redbook CD’s and a plethora of high definition (96Khz/24bit) downloaded FLAC ripped classical music files, the sound quality was expansive, clean, and somewhat analytical, while still maintaining a beautiful sense of mid-range ease, refinement and a firm, accurate bass response."

You can read the full review of the Mark Levinson No5805 here.

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