Stereoplay Mark Levinson No5105

From the Audio Files

From the Audio Files

Stereoplay (Germany) Reviews
the Mark Levinson No5105

We at the HARMAN Luxury Audio Group are incredibly excited about the recent expansion we have made to the Mark Levinson 5000 Series, making premium audio components available at unprecedented price points for this iconic brand. The enthusiasm is spreading throughout the globe as we have received a fantastic review and cover spot in the highly regarded German magazine Stereoplay for the Mark Levinson No5105, which was also awarded an excellent test result and an “absolute top class” sound.

Here is one of our favorite excerpts, translated from German:

“ML 5105 has a solid top drive with an independent design, very good equipment and complete scope of delivery. Optically precisely matching the Mark Levinson product range, the included Ortofon pickup and the heavy-weight drive combination complement each other to form an ensemble that will completely satisfy even the most spoiled listener.”

The full review of the Mark Levinson No5105 in Stereoplay (Germany) can be found here.

Mark Levinson No5105