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It’s a Mark Levinson Season

By Chris Robinson, Manager, Global Training

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The Mark Levinson No5206 Preamplifier and No5302 Dual Monaural Amplifier
Our final fully narrated training module of 2020 is dedicated to the new Mark Levinson 5000 series separates. These two new components are now shipping and this training course coincides closely with their arrival in your stores.

Take this class and learn how the No5206 preamplifier and No5302 power amplifier advance the state of the art, where 5000 series circuit technology is optimized to its fullest potential. These separate components enhance circuit isolation, employ more robust power supplies and are the quietest and most revealing 5000 series components engineered by the brand. They provide a value never before realized by Mark Levinson separates plus add features providing increased system flexibility.

We hope you enjoy this training as much as we did in preparing it for you. Innovation has been the key to advancing the state-of-the-art at Mark Levinson, which continues to be a guiding force for the brand.

The No5105 Turntable Set-up Video
This 15-minute video walks you through the basic set up procedure to enjoy the new No5105 turntable. It also provides guidance if you are setting up a non MC version of the turntable with the cartridge not included, as in our MC version of the table. Please view it as a supplement to the manual, as there are some extra tips and guidance provided.

You can find these new trainings here.
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