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From the Audio Files

From the Audio Files

JBL HDI-1600 Review

JBL is nothing if not passionate about audio. So when Steve Guttenberg of The Audiophiliac Daily Show (not to be confused with the actor from Three Men and a Baby) asked to review the new JBL HDI-1600 bookshelf loudspeakers, we jumped at the opportunity.

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We were confident that Steve would love the speakers as much as we do. Here is one of our favorite excerpts from his review:

“To hear that size, that scale of the bass instrument was really impressive in terms of his fingers on the strings, the woodiness of the instrument, his free singing style, and I heard this guy do it for real. I was present for this entire session. I’m closing my eyes and I’m listening to it coming out of the 1600s, and I’m time traveling – I’m going back to the session. The speakers become a portal back in time.” (About listening to recording of Casey Abrams at a session he had attended in person.)

You can watch Steve’s entire review on the HDI-1600s here: