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HARMAN Luxury Update

HARMAN Luxury Update

Recap of Mark Levinson Reveals Virtual Event

Nothing stays the same forever. In today’s chaotic world, you sometimes have to consider a total change in direction when faced with unforeseen obstacles. With no trade shows anywhere on planet Earth to unveil and debut the new Mark Levinson 5000 series, we were faced with the challenge of how to promote the brand and this group of amazing musical instruments to our global audience of dealers, distributors and the world’s media. Let me share with you how we reinvented ourselves and in doing so set a rather high bar for future product releases.

Dave Tovissi VP & GM - Luxury Audio

Dave Tovissi

VP & GM - Luxury Audio

Most manufacturers today are relying on Zoom or other webinar platforms to communicate with their dealers. And for general meetings, a 720p 30 frame-per-second video feed is adequate. But for the launch of products that define musical luxury like our new Mark Levinson 5000 series, we knew we had to have a platform that could match that sense of fidelity. And so we filmed and broadcast live in 4K HD on the Vimeo platform with multiple presentations throughout the day to our regions around the world.

What was truly unique was that we held separate sessions for our dealers and for the media. Each group presented questions after the product presentation, and our success rate measured in audience capture and engagement were incredible. And that success was due to our entire team’s efforts.

The 5000 Series | An Introduction
The Nº5101 SACD Player and DAC combines decades of superlative audio engineering with the latest acoustic technological advancements to deliver unmatched performance and value. With a bold new industrial design, the Nº5101 delivers luxurious fidelity with premium features and flexibility

The Mark Levinson № 5105 is a premium precision-engineered turntable made with the best available materials, technology, and craftsmanship in the world.

Derived from the same Pure Path design philosophy as the distinguished Mark Levinson 500 Series products, the № 5206 preamplifier was created to deliver all the performance and quality expected from Mark Levinson with new affordability and exceptional value.

The № 5302 amplifier was created to deliver all the performance and quality expected from Mark Levinson with exceptional value and accessibility to a broader range of customers.

Brand Marketing
Finally, let me catch everyone up on how we are reimagining the Mark Levinson brand. Next month, we will debut a new website for the brand that is going to speak to the luxury and passion of the brand. Our focus will of course be on the music, but geared to a wider audience than traditional audiophiles. We are going to reach out to a younger, more diverse audience who pursue luxury and the best things in life in the course of their lives. We will be positioning Mark Levinson as the embodiment of musical perfection and something that one hopes to attain in their lifetime.

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The videos embedded in this article along with the entire 50 minute
Livestream event are posted to the Mark Levinson YouTube account, which you can share with your customers.

As we continue to focus our efforts on revitalizing all of the brands in the Luxury Audio Group, rest assured that we will seek out new and better ways to tell our story about our passion for music.