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New Mark Levinson E-Learning Modules and JBL Synthesis System Design Training Video

By Chris Robinson, Manager, Global Training

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Mark Levinson Streaming CD players & №5105 Turntable - E-modules
Never before in Mark Levinson’s history have we had so many new products shipping just a few months from one another. Four to be exact. Here are two new learning modules that cover the new 5000 Series source components and one 500 Series unit, as well. On top of that, these new 5000 Series units are all starting to ship now.

The “Mark Levinson Streaming CD Players” learning module includes both the new №5101 and the definitive №519 digital source components. Where the №5101 is a premier SACD player with streaming capabilities, it can also be used as a stand-alone DAC using the Precision Link II DAC with external sources. The №519 media player has been defined as the definitive digital music source with even more expansive capabilities. Take this course and find out how each player can fill your customers' digital music needs for most any serious audio system.

revel science of sound

There is nothing that brings the emotions of music closer to a listener quite like listening to music from a turntable. Mark Levinson now has two premium turntables in the №515 and the new №5105. The №5105 matches 5000 series components perfectly and is an attractive choice to use with any high performance music system. This class is fun and you will want to start spinning records (along with your customers) after taking the class.

JBL Synthesis Home Theater Design - Video
We have begun a new video series that expands the content we had created for in-person home theater workshops to help our dealers successfully plan and install JBL Synthesis systems. The series covers multiple aspects of designing, setting up, programming and calibrating JBL Synthesis systems. The first of the series is “JBL Home Theater Design” and is a valuable resource for every system designer, installer and sales person selling and planning JBL Synthesis installations.

In this first installment you will learn the basics of room acoustics and how the performance of a loudspeaker interacts with the room. The video then addresses speaker placement and calibration considerations before an actual calibration is started. We believe you will want to take this 30 minute course, not just once, but multiple times as it forms the foundation of a successfully installed JBL Synthesis system. Its content also provides valuable information when you are discussing system plans with your client.

JBL Classic L82

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