JBL L82 Classic Rolling Stone Essentials

From the Audio Files

From the Audio Files

JBL L82 Classic is Making News

By Torsten Sporn

Senior Marketing Specialist

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Adding to its growing list of plaudits, the L82 Classic was recently featured in the inaugural Rolling Stone 2020 Essentials guide. We agree! Great sound is absolutely essential.

To quote Rolling Stone, “If you refuse to settle for anything but the best and need to upgrade your home audio system, check out the JBL L82 Classic Bookshelf Speakers.” That’s hefty praise by an organization that knows a little bit about sound!

Check out the entire article here.

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Speaking of folks that know a thing or two about audio, The Next Web’s Napier Lopez also got his hands on a pair of the L82 Classics, and he was blown away. Here is one of our favorite excerpts from his review:

“I’ll summarize my thoughts about this speaker this way: If I had $2,500 to spend on speakers right now, I’d be buying the JBL L82... While great speakers will wow me when I’m paying attention, the L82 is one of the even rarer speakers that forces me to pay attention — it just sounds that good. I hated having to send these back, and hope I get the chance to hear them again soon.”

Click here to read the entire review.

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