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By Mike S.
Field Support Engineer, HARMAN Luxury Audio

Every week, our global customer support team receives numerous questions via phone and email concerning HARMAN Luxury Audio Products and how to address certain issues you may encounter. Sometimes, we find ourselves faced with the same/similar questions multiple times per day or week — occasionally from the same person(s).

To help you and our customers better, here are some common checkpoints from each brand, which establish a shorter troubleshooting path and help us find a quicker resolution.

Arcam AV40

Arcam AVR10, AVR20, AVR30 and AV40 / JBL Synthesis SDR-35 and SDP-55
Before attempting to do an update of the latest firmware and NET files on a new customer install or a newly unboxed unit, please first capture and document the current firmware and NET as well as the unit serial number before proceeding. To locate the current firmware and NET, press and hold the MENU button on the front panel on the unit for approximately four seconds until the Engineering Menu shows up. Using the remote, press the AMP button to engage the remote and scroll down until you locate HOST/IAP and NET within the Engineering Menu. Then capture the numbers to the right of HOST/IAP and NET. This helps us help you, in case you call or email us requesting support, so that we already know what has been attempted or completed.

Revel C263

Revel In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speakers
Before attempting removal: The “dog legs” (which clamp the speaker to the wall/ceiling) do not need to have the screw unscrewed all the way out of the dog leg. This is not necessary and doing so will result in loss of the screw or dog leg within the wall or ceiling. These screws and dog legs are difficult to source and replace, and are considered a finished good as they are affixed to the speaker. You just need to unscrew enough to get the speaker away from the wall so you can reach in with your fingers, and pull the dog legs aside to pull a speaker out of the wall or ceiling. Doing this incorrectly can result in damage to the wall/ceiling, dog legs or screws.

Mark Levinson No.534 and No.536 Amplifiers
If noticing an unusual buzz/hum/interference, check on the back of the amplifier and see if the "Ground Switch" is switched to the correct corresponding position of either the "XLR" or "RCA" input connectors. This very tiny switch is sometimes hard to see, but it is right in between the "XLR" and "RCA." Although the switch does not select the connectors, it does change the grounding to suit the selected connector.

Mark Levinson No. 534
Lexicon MC-10

Lexicon MC-10 Processor
In order for audio to pass through Output 1 (ARC) and to make sure that both Video and Audio handshaking transpire, you must enable the CEC HDMI settings in the General Setup portion of the MENU. You will see this listed as CEC Controls. You must turn it on and select Output 1 as its source

As always, if you need some help feel free to contact  if you are in the UK or Europe, or if in the USA.