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Training Tips

Training Updates – New E-Learning Modules

Three new courses for Revel and one for the JBL 4349 Studio Monitor are now available.

By Chris Robinson, Manager, Global Training

New Luxury Audio e-learning site

The Revel brand has been true to our “Science of Sound” commitment to research that has been ongoing at HARMAN for the last 25 years. The PerformaBe Series is the culmination of that research and subsequent engineering development, setting new standards of acoustical performance since the brand was founded in 1995.

Three new Revel trainings are now available on the university site, including the “Revel Overview - The Science of Sound,” and “Revel PerformaBe” learning modules. In addition, there is a Web EX recording titled “Revel Overview Video” where you can hear directly from Floyd Toole who created the Science of Sound, and Mark Glazer, our principal systems engineer at Revel.

revel science of sound

These three trainings will give you a better understanding of why Revel is proclaimed, “The World’s Best Loudspeaker,” and help you convey these unique performance advantages to your customers.

This fun and easy-to-take lesson exposes the history of compression driver studio monitors and the technical advances that have culminated in this most advanced JBL passive loudspeaker of all time. Imagine taking the performance of the world renowned JBL M2 Master Studio Monitor, making it smaller and using an advanced passive crossover design. That is what the JBL 4349 Studio Monitor is all about and the results will exceed your expectations.

This speaker is the first JBL Studio Monitor to use the HDI Horn geometry combined with the 1.5” 2415K D2 compression driver - the same driver that is used in the JBL Synthesis SCL2 custom loudspeaker. A 12” dual spider high output woofer with passive crossover design provides a wide variety of applications and exceptional performance in the “bookshelf” design. The JBL 4349 gives the high-end floor standing towers a run for their money by offering uncanny imaging, inner detail combined with the dynamics expected from JBL.

JBL Classic L82
JBL Classic L82

You can find these new trainings here, and we hope you enjoy them.