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From the Audio Files

From the Audio Files

Reference Home Theater Reviews the HDI-3600

Stephen Hornbrook at Reference Home Theater recently reviewed the JBL HDI-3600s, one of the two superb floorstanding models available in JBL’s new high-definition family of loudspeakers.

Here are a few of our favorite excerpts:

“The JBL HDI-3600 offers excellent acoustics even in a small room. My ears were never fatigued while working and listening to music throughout the day.”

“The cabinetry is top notch on these speakers. The woofers and horn blend seamlessly with the smooth walnut veneer. At close to 62 lbs, I could move them around myself, but the HDI-3600 is clearly well built. Internal bracing makes for a solid feel, and most importantly, neutral sound performance. On the back are the two rear-firing ports and dual terminals for optional bi-wiring/amping. Magnetic grill covers attach to the front and extend the full height of the speaker. However, I prefer the look of these speakers without the grills on. Three 6.5” drivers and a 1” compression driver make up the HDI-3600. The 6.5” drivers are cast frame, Advanced Aluminum Matrix cone woofers with 1.5-inch voice coils. The 2 ½ way design means that all three 6.5” drivers get low-end spectrum duties with one also taking on the mid-range as well.”

“Every bit of the shape is deliberately designed in order to provide a seamless transition from the low and mid-range drivers to the high frequency compression driver and uniform dispersion for smooth in-room response. Frequency response is designed to be neutral on-axis and off-axis, helping to keep the same tonality in different seating positions, but also from in-room reflections.”

“The JBL HDI-3600 offers exceptional sound performance in a nice looking package. $3,800 is certainly a lot of money to invest into a pair of speakers, but the HDI-3600 will reward you with a wonderfully detailed soundstage for your music collection.”

Click here to read the entire review. If you’re not already carrying these in your showroom, contact your HARMAN Luxury Audio Regional Sales Manager today.

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