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Harman Luxury Update

Harman Luxury Update

Take Your Business Outside

There is plenty of data and science to support that the COVID-19 or any virus is less likely to spread outside. Here in California, our state government has ordered many businesses to close unless they offer outdoor dining or other activities. As people are forced to spend more time at home and outdoors, they are also spending more money on consumer electronics to make their time at home more enjoyable. According to Statista, CE is ranked third only behind health products and cleaning supplies, as to what people are buying more of during this pandemic.

Dave Tovissi VP & GM - Luxury Audio

Dave Tovissi

VP & GM - Luxury Audio

Not only are people removing the daybed from a spare bedroom to create a dual-purpose space for work and entertainment, they are also investing in outdoor entertainment spaces. Whilst one may not want to take their WebEx meeting to their outdoor television, we are seeing more people going outside to watch a movie or a sporting event in their back yard. This bodes well for the dealers who offer Revel landscape products.

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All XC (Extreme Climate) Series models have been engineered to withstand environmental abuses while not affecting their performance. Each model meets a specific International Protection (IP) rating for exposure to dust/solids along with exposure to water. These two-digit ratings identify durability levels for increasing degrees of ingress for solids and liquids to the device. This assures that your loudspeakers will perform optimally under conditions that would make traditional outdoor speakers wither. XC models are resistant to corrosion from salt water and can be deployed in marine environments such as on docks or beachfront property.

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Extreme Climate loudspeakers deliver the same award-winning sound quality that Revel is renowned for around the world, courtesy of advanced transducer designs and proprietary acoustic technologies. Aluminum dome tweeters provide clear, high-resolution detail in tandem with powerful, low-distortion aluminum cone woofers for solid, deep bass response. As with all Revel loudspeakers, each XC model is proven to perform via double-blind listening tests in our world-class engineering facility in Northridge, California.

And now as an added bonus, we are offering our complete line of Extreme Climate speakers at additional savings to encourage you to take your business outside.

Reach out to your Harman Luxury Audio Regional Sales Manager to inquire about this opportunity.